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This page contains faqs primarily related to USAPL high school lifters



Q1 What age can compete in the high school only meets?


14-19 years of age and you must currently be a high school student in good standing




Q2 What do I have to do to be able to compete?


You must become a member of USAPL. High School membership is $15 for the school year. Register here



Q3 Where can I find information on High School only competitions?


Right here on this site!




Q4 What can I wear?


We encourage you to wear a one peice lifting suit (wrestling singlet) but you may wear fitted shorts and t-shirts for high school only meets.



Q5 Who chooses who has to drug test?


The meet director chooses the lifters for drug testing after the competition is completed. If you set an American record, you may be tested. If you have a high wilks formula, you may be tested. And a random sample of athletes could be chosen for testing. You will not be notified until after the meet has finished.



Q6 What do they test for?


Steroids mainly and certain stimulants. It is your responsibilty to know exactly what you're putting in your body. If you're concerned, here is the link to check if what you're using is legal in the USAPL. World Anti-Doping Agency


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